Britney | Fire and personality to spare!

I was expecting a blonde.  What I got was a fiery redhead!  (Surprise!)  Not that it really mattered much, since Britney’s personality didn’t seem altered one bit by the change.  This beautiful girl is fun, energetic, sweet, sassy and crazy all wrapped into one!  What made this photo shoot so much fun (and easy) for me was her ability to change up her attitude and her mood with ease; very little coaching needed on my part.  Whatever I asked for, I got and boy, did she bring it!  This is one multi-dimensional girl!  Her smile is infectious, yet sneaky and sexy-and those eyes are so big and beautiful…  We had a great time together talking about school, work and of course-shopping.  Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to photograph such an amazing young woman, Brit!

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