A Walk in the Park

We first saw Annie a few weeks ago, when I posted the images from her studio session.  In celebration of her middle school graduation, we moved on to her outdoor-lifestyle photo shoot last week, which Annie was very excited about.  We were blessed with a beautiful summer day!  Our second session didn’t disappoint.  Despite being a bit under the weather, Annie was a trooper and hung in there as we trudged through a long trail within the woods at a beautiful nature preserve.  It was well worth our efforts, as you will see.  This amazing young girl represents the beauty, spirit and excitement of young people everywhere who are about to embark on their high school years.  It’s both thrilling and scary all at the same time.   So many of our final images manage to capture Annie’s true spirit and that’s because she is the real deal…honest, intuitive, fun, genuine and a beautiful person.  So much of that must be due to the fact that her mother possesses many of these same traits!  I am so happy that I have been given the opportunity to photograph these amazing women and I look forward to doing it again in the future!

Senior and graduation portraiture by Timeless Images by Susan

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