Danell is an amazing woman who has a life that most would be envious of!  A handsome husband, two beautiful girls, a gorgeous home, a fabulous part time job as a freelance Makeup artist for Chanel (a job she loves and is so very good at) and the ability to make her own hours in order to be the amazing mom that she is!  Her outgoing, fun and vibrant personality is what draws people to her.  She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and I’m sure most of her friends would say the same.  Over the  years I have known her as a both a brunette and a blonde.  No matter the hair color, Danell is a sparkling personality that resonates joy and I am so thrilled that I finally had the opportunity to photograph her!

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3 thoughts on “Danell | Beauty and Contemporary Portraiture by Timeless Images”

  1. Exquisite photos, Susan, of our girl Danell! You were able to capture the essence of her beauty, inside and out! xoxox

  2. Thanks ladies, you are so sweet! I had an amazing subject to work with, as you know! I would welcome shooting her ANY day!

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