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Beauty.  The word means different things to different people.  Some women struggle with accepting the idea that they are, in fact, beautiful.  So many young women, in particular, are continually fighting with today’s ideal picture of what a beautiful woman should look like; what she should weigh, what type of family she should come from, what type of clothing she should wear, etc… Being able to exude self confidence, be genuine and surround yourself with great people who care about you is what matters most.

I enjoy getting to know my clients, learning  more about them over time and having them become friends.  I think it’s a true honor to be able to photograph them and capture the different dimensions of their personality.   To me, Britney is an amazing young woman!  She is smart, funny (very funny!), outgoing, genuine and has a heart of gold.  She will always be there for the people she loves.  While she can be sweet and adorable, she definitely has her wild side!  Maybe that is why I just love to photograph her…she is up for anything and has enough energy for the both of us!  Britney, no matter what life throws at you, it is imperative that you always remember that you are a beautiful woman, both inside and outside.  And, you are one my favorite people-and friends!





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