Mia | First Communion

There are few moments in a young girl’s childhood that are treasured as much as their first communion.   I vaguely remember mine.  I remember all the fuss and the elaborate preparations, and not being able to touch anything, eat anything or sit on the grass until I could get out of my dress!  Nothing has changed.

I’m sure it took a small army to help prepare these little girls for this once in a lifetime ceremony….There’s the dress, the veil, the gloves, the shoes, the rosary, the bible…  Then, of course, there’s the celebration afterwards!  This usually takes the form of a brunch, lunch or dinner with family and close friends.  I’m sure that no one in my family gave my mother enough credit for pulling off such a massive undertaking.  However, at the end of the day, the celebration is well worth all the fuss and chaos.  We are able to rejoice and share in God’s blessings.  We are also able to remember the beauty of this day, through images like these…

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