Tour de Cure | 2014

This year’s Tour de Cure was an exciting event! I was so honored when I received an invitation to be a participating photographer for the day.  I have donated my time/services for other charitable events, including some fundraisers for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund), the Michigan Humane Society, ITA (Inspiration through Art), and the American Cancer Society.   Partnerships such as this are very important, I feel, especially for business owners.  It’s important for us to contribute to our communities, to reach out to those in our own back yards and to help where we can help, in any way we can.  The best part is how rewarding it is!  I continually get to meet so many amazing people, of all ages, many who become future friends.  Volunteering is inspiring, motivating and rewarding.  It helps you to feel like a whole person.   Even better, once I got there, I ran into fellow photographer, Helen Yancy, whom I adore, so that just made my day even better!

The Tour de Cure is an annual fundraiser that helps to support efforts to cure diabetes and help increase awareness about the disease. The funds raised help with research and education.  Each rider must raise a minimum of $200 to ride.  Those living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes may register as “Red riders”.  They receive a special jersey and also receive the privilege of starting the race at the front of the pack, where they are honored and recognized as the inspiration for the day.   Riders who raise $1,000 or more are designated as “champions” and are recognized at the celebration dinner, for their efforts and generous contributions.  There are 5 different routes that  you can choose to ride, starting at 10 miles all the way up to 100 miles!  Each group is staggered so they leave at different times.  As everyone begins to come through the finish line they are greeted by volunteers, event coordinators and family and friends, who are cheering them on!  After the race, they are treated to massages, lunch and a celebration.

For more information on the tour and how you can sign up for the next ride, visit:  Tour de Cure

Here are a few of the images from the day’s festivities!  To see all of the final images that I shot, please visit my gallery site HERE.  I am happy to offer every rider a free image of their choice.  If you see an image you would like, please note the number (from the gallery site) and simply send me an email at (or use the “contact” tab on the homepage) and I would be happy to send that to you right away!  Congratulations, again, to all the riders and thank you to all the volunteers from Target, as well as all of the major sponsors!

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