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What does your current headshot say about you??

Are you in a profession where a great headshot can make a difference to your clients?  If you are in real estate, finance, banking, marketing, sales, the arts or any other industry where establishing a trusting relationship with a client is critical to building your business, then you NEED to have a great headshot!  Also, if you are about to graduate from college, don’t forget that a great headshot is a key component to your overall branding and job search strategy.  You’re trying to sell yourself to the professional recruiters out there and they will want to see a polished version of you!  Trust me; I spent 12 years as a recruiter in my previous life.  The manner in which you present yourself throughout the interview process (and especially on social media platforms) can be critical to your ability to be considered as a viable candidate for a job.

Questions to ask yourself:  When was the last time that you updated your headshot?  What does your current headshot say about you?  Go ahead…pull up your Linked-in profile and take a look…I’ll wait…Does it represent your personal brand in the way that you want it to?   Does it show you at your best or is it a “selfie” from a crazy night out with friends?  Or, maybe  you had a family member take it at a dinner party, or a family function.  Or, my favorite; it’s a photo of you with other people, that you cropped out!

If your current  headshot doesn’t portray  you at your best, then it’s time to stop posting “selfies” and make the investment in something that does!  At Timeless Images by Susan, we can provide you with a great portrait for personal image branding and social media use.     If you’re an office manager, we can provide you with a full day of sittings for your entire office (Special pricing available for large groups)!  In addition, we also offer headshots for models and actors.  We’ll guide you in proper preparation and wardrobe selection to ensure that your final product is representative of your industry and makes you look approachable and in keeping with your profession.  Stop by our session information tab to learn more or call us today to schedule your appointment:  734.391.8662.

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