International Women’s Day, a Day to Celebrate

In celebration of International Women’s Day I think of all the great women that I am blessed to have encountered in my life including my grandmother, my sister, my best friends…  Today, I want to pay homage my mother.  Growing up, I was blessed to have a stay-at-home mom, who devoted her time to my sister and me, whether by continually shuttling us from gymnastics to dancing to swimming to tennis to brownies to girlfriends sleepovers or just by offering words of wisdom during a difficult breakup with a silly boy. Mom was not only a guiding light throughout our teenage, troublesome years, but also served as a mentor and support “mom” for lots of our friends, who weren’t fortunate to have the same kinds of connections with their parents that we did.  She could be counted on to lend an ear or just sit and listen, when they needed a caring, supportive, attentive adult presence in their life.  This was her gift, and she truly enjoyed mentoring kids-she still does.

She taught me a lot about finding and keeping good friends and also, later, about work balance; how to be a good professional person and how to hold your own as a professional female in the workplace.  When she was diagnosed with cancer it was a rough blow to all of us and a rude awakening that your parents just may not be around forever.  Helping her through that time was difficult.  No one wants to see someone that you love go through such an experience.  It’s heart-breaking.  However, through lots of prayer and divine intervention, my mom is here with us today and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I love you mom!  Thank you for being a kick-ass mom, a great influence and my biggest fan.  You’re a wonderful role model for mom’s everywhere and the reason that day’s like this were created.  I hope  I have lived up to your expected potential.

So, today, let’s celebrate all women-no matter what status or title they hold, for the sheer fact that they have achieved, accomplished and pushed forward in some capacity.  For the fact that we are moving, shaking, upsetting and knocking down doors and glass ceilings.  For the girls who need us to show them that they are beautiful and perfect, just the way they are.  Be  you and do your thing!  Today is for all women, of all shapes, sizes, colors, occupations, etc…YOU ROCK!

Be you, be beautiful, be timeless!!!!

Here’s to mom-and my sister (love you!)…and some other awesome women that I’ve photographed!

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