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I frequently have people asking if it’s possible to shoot a headshot session that can give them a variety of images to use in different situations.  Absolutely!  That’s exactly what Rachel had in mind when she booked her session.  Rachel is a software engineer for a local company in Ann Arbor.  During her consultation, Rachel indicated that she would need her headshots primarily for use within her company but they would be used in multiple ways (website photo, business cards, journal/educational and training materials, company social media sites, as well as for personal use on her own social media sites.  Our objective was to allow enough variation in wardrobe to provide her with adequate selection for any of these uses and, of course, allow Rachel’s true personality to show through in her final images.  We went for something dressy, but not stuffy, then a little more formal and then casual, but still professional.  We stopped along the way, during shooting, to check our progress so I could be sure that Rachel was liking what were getting.

When preparing for your headshots, be sure to work closely with your photographer during the consultation to talk through the details.  It’s imperative that they ask you the right questions to determine your true needs and are then able to match the look and feel of your images to your desired result.

In the end Rachel was very happy.  She was so happy that she ordered additional images because she wanted more than just the two that came with the session!  Great job on pulling your wardrobe, Rachel.  You took terrific notes during our consultation and prepared well.  Proper wardrobe is a big part of what makes a terrific headshot.   For more tips on wardrobe and general preparation for your upcoming headshot session, check out this great article.

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