International Women’s Day, a Day to Celebrate

In celebration of International Women’s Day I think of all the great women that I am blessed to have encountered in my life including my grandmother, my sister, my best friends…  Today, I want to pay homage my mother.  Growing up, I was blessed to have a stay-at-home mom, who devoted her time to my sister and me, whether by continually shuttling us from gymnastics to dancing to swimming to tennis to brownies to girlfriends sleepovers or just by offering words of wisdom during a difficult breakup with a silly boy. Mom was not only a guiding light throughout our teenage, troublesome years, but also served as a mentor and support “mom” for lots of our friends, who weren’t fortunate to have the same kinds of connections with their parents that we did.  She could be counted on to lend an ear or just sit and listen, when they needed a caring, supportive, attentive adult presence in their life.  This was her gift, and she truly enjoyed mentoring kids-she still does.

She taught me a lot about finding and keeping good friends and also, later, about work balance; how to be a good professional person and how to hold your own as a professional female in the workplace.  When she was diagnosed with cancer it was a rough blow to all of us and a rude awakening that your parents just may not be around forever.  Helping her through that time was difficult.  No one wants to see someone that you love go through such an experience.  It’s heart-breaking.  However, through lots of prayer and divine intervention, my mom is here with us today and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I love you mom!  Thank you for being a kick-ass mom, a great influence and my biggest fan.  You’re a wonderful role model for mom’s everywhere and the reason that day’s like this were created.  I hope  I have lived up to your expected potential.

So, today, let’s celebrate all women-no matter what status or title they hold, for the sheer fact that they have achieved, accomplished and pushed forward in some capacity.  For the fact that we are moving, shaking, upsetting and knocking down doors and glass ceilings.  For the girls who need us to show them that they are beautiful and perfect, just the way they are.  Be  you and do your thing!  Today is for all women, of all shapes, sizes, colors, occupations, etc…YOU ROCK!

Be you, be beautiful, be timeless!!!!

Here’s to mom-and my sister (love you!)…and some other awesome women that I’ve photographed!

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Modeling and Branding Portraits | Metro Detroit Branding Photographer

I will have to admit that it’s not difficult to take a bad picture of this incredibly photogenic woman!  I have had the pleasure of having Molly in the studio several times before and every time she’s here, it’s like play time; not work.  This incredible beauty is full of optimism, joy, energy and spirit.  She is not only physically beautiful, but one of the most lovely people I’ve ever met.  I love being around her and spending time with her.  Molly is an actress, singer, entertainer and incredibly talented individual.  She is creative, witty, artistic and smart.

On our session day we jumped right into things as we usually do, but with a slightly different objective, looking to infuse some new looks into her portfolio this time; a little more black and white and a little more dramatic flair, along with some traditional headshots.  I think we achieved what we were after.  No matter what, much fun was had and I can’t wait until next time!  Thanks for gracing my studio and my camera lens again, Molly!

Makeup:  Danell Ledin

Hair:  Susan Richardson

This could be you!  Timeless Images by Susan is a contemporary portrait studio, specializing in beauty/glamour photography.  We offer branding portrait services for professionals and entertainers of all kinds.  We are located in Belleville, Michigan and serve the cities of Belleville, Canton, Plymouth, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Northville and Novi. Contact Susan at 734.391.8662 for a free consultation today.


Branding and Promotional Portraits – Dramatic Musilogues

It’s not often that you come across such a multi-talented individual as Sandra.  But when you do, consider yourself lucky to know her!  Commissioned a second time to photograph some promotional shots for her upcoming one-woman show, “Fine and Dandy” the story of George Gershwin, I was thrilled about the opportunity to shoot her in the famous “green dress”!  This is one of those dresses that many women dream about wearing but few can actually pull off.  Combine this stunning dress, a stage, a baby grand piano and some dramatic lighting and you have the perfect setting for our photo shoot.  Sandra is a natural born performer.  She is an actress, a pianist, a singer, an author and an all-around entertainer.  It is a privilege to listen to her play the piano.  You can see and feel the immense amount of joy that rings through her as she plays.  She is lively, energetic, enthusiastic and fun.  If you ever get the chance to see her show, do yourself a favor and go!  To learn more, visit her HERE.

*Special thank you to Evola Music in Canton for the generous use of their studio!

Timeless Images by Susan is a contemporary portrait studio offering headshots and branding portraiture for executives and professionals of all kinds, located in Belleville, Michigan.  We serve the cities of Belleville, Canton, Plymouth, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Northville and Novi. Contact Susan at 734.391.8662 to schedule your photo shoot or simply for a free consultation.  Ask about our corporate headshot packages!



Holiday portrait special!

It’s hard to believe but summer has passed, the fall colors are barely hanging on and before you know it, the holidays will be here!  Once again we have set aside a day this November to provide you with family photos for your holiday cards.   We know how busy you are and how life just gets off track! We’ll have you in and out within 30 minutes!

Come to our studio on Saturday, November 12th to create some beautiful family memories and contribute to a wonderful charity at the same time! Help us support the American Cancer Society while having your holiday family portraits taken on Saturday, November 12th! You’ll receive a fabulous print package including a gorgeous 16×20 fine art, mounted print!  Your portrait art is guaranteed to arrive within 2 weeks of your order date and 10% of all proceeds will be donated to ACS. Space is limited, so call now to reserve your spot! 734-391-8662.  We would love to see you!

*Sessions are 30 minutes and provide one background option.  Online proofing gallery will be available within 3-5 days from session date. Package may not be altered.  Package fee due up front to secure appointment.  Michigan sales tax not included in promotional price.


Professional Business Portraits | Headshots by Timeless Images

What does your current headshot say about you??

Are you in a profession where a great headshot can make a difference to your clients?  If you are in real estate, finance, banking, marketing, sales, the arts or any other industry where establishing a trusting relationship with a client is critical to building your business, then you NEED to have a great headshot!  Also, if you are about to graduate from college, don’t forget that a great headshot is a key component to your overall branding and job search strategy.  You’re trying to sell yourself to the professional recruiters out there and they will want to see a polished version of you!  Trust me; I spent 12 years as a recruiter in my previous life.  The manner in which you present yourself throughout the interview process (and especially on social media platforms) can be critical to your ability to be considered as a viable candidate for a job.

Questions to ask yourself:  When was the last time that you updated your headshot?  What does your current headshot say about you?  Go ahead…pull up your Linked-in profile and take a look…I’ll wait…Does it represent your personal brand in the way that you want it to?   Does it show you at your best or is it a “selfie” from a crazy night out with friends?  Or, maybe  you had a family member take it at a dinner party, or a family function.  Or, my favorite; it’s a photo of you with other people, that you cropped out!

If your current  headshot doesn’t portray  you at your best, then it’s time to stop posting “selfies” and make the investment in something that does!  At Timeless Images by Susan, we can provide you with a great portrait for personal image branding and social media use.     If you’re an office manager, we can provide you with a full day of sittings for your entire office (Special pricing available for large groups)!  In addition, we also offer headshots for models and actors.  We’ll guide you in proper preparation and wardrobe selection to ensure that your final product is representative of your industry and makes you look approachable and in keeping with your profession.  Stop by our session information tab to learn more or call us today to schedule your appointment:  734.391.8662.

Don’t miss our BEAUTY Photoshoot Giveaway!

Announcing our BEAUTY photoshoot giveaway! 

Do you know an amazing woman that deserves to be treated like a princess for a day? Then why not nominate her for our beauty photoshoot giveaway! Let’s work together to do something wonderful for a friend, a sister, a mother, a co-worker or any woman that you know, who could really use a special day filled with beauty, fun, attention, pampering and the chance to just relax and have the world focused on HER!

Three winners will be chosen to receive a fully styled glamour portrait session, complete with professional hair and makeup! Each winner will also receive a deluxe cosmetic bag full of fabulous treats as well as 3 digital images of their choice from the session!

How to submit nominations: Simply message me through our Facebook Page or send a direct email to: with the name and phone number of the friend you would like to nominate, along with the reason why you feel they deserve a makeover and glamour photo shoot! That’s it!

Nominations will be accepted from now until November 30th, 2014. Winners will be selected at random on Monday, December 1, 2014.  Looking forward to meeting and photographing some AMAZING ladies!!


Contest rules:
*Contest is run independently by Timeless Images by Susan and is not related to or promoted by Facebook. No fees or costs will be due on behalf of the contest winners. All contest winners must be at least 18 years old. Winners will be required to sign a standard model release. Full stories, in celebration of each winner, will be posted to the Timeless Images by Susan website and Facebook page, upon completion of their portrait sessions.  Winners will receive an incentive package with their session, however they will be under no obligation to make any product purchases.  Total value of portrait session and digital images is $430.  Winners must schedule their beauty portrait sessions by February 28, 2015.


Patricia | Headshots from Timeless Images by Susan

I shoot a lot of headshots.  Not just for executives, but also for models and actors.  Lately, I’ve also been receiving numerous requests from graduating college students in need of professional headshots to complete their online presence and support their job search.  One such request came from Patricia and Yi, from the University of Michigan.  About to receive their PhD’s, these two are indicative of the up and coming graduates, about to hit the job market, who are eager to present themselves in a professional manner, but also want their images to reflect their personal style and individuality.    Having come to the U. S. specifically to attend U of M, Patricia is from Singapore and Yi is from China.

Never underestimate the power of a great headshot!  Have you updated yours lately?  What does your online presence say about you?  Is your current headshot conveying the best image of you?

Makeup on Patricia by:  Danell Ledin

20140718_ChenP_WEB-42 20140718_ChenP_WEB-39 20140718_ChenP_WEB-35 20140718_ChenP_WEB-34 20140718_ChenP_WEB-46


Timeless Images by Susan is a contemporary portrait studio, specializing in headshots, senior portraits and beauty/glamour photography, located in Belleville, Michigan.  We serve the cities of Belleville, Canton, Plymouth, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Northville and Novi. Contact me at 734.391.8662 to schedule your photo shoot or simply for a free consultation.  Ask about our great headshot package!  We can also do groups and service clubs/organizations.

Choosing the Right Professional for Your Senior Pictures









Every year I look forward to “senior season”.  It’s my favorite time of the  year!  As a professional, I am often asked from friends, and sometimes potential clients, “What are the best ways to go about finding a photographer for my child’s senior pictures? There are so many!” they say.   It is true.  Since the digital age has taken over, the industry has been booming. There are not only brick and mortar studios but boutique, home-based studios, like mine, which also offer full-service options. This just adds to the confusion.  My advice to them is this; make sure that no matter who you select, you take the time to do your research first, in order to make an educated decision and select the photographer that is truly right for you!

First: Do you want a professional?  Is it important to you that your photographer is a professional?  Some may say yes, some no.  I make a conscious decision to remain a PPA member for several reasons.   PPA offers it’s members a host of incredible benefits including equipment and liability insurance, continuing education (both for skills and business education), professional certifications, marketing/promotional tools & support, amazing networking opportunities and chances to work with and learn from some of the top photographers in the country.  They also offer legal support to small and large studios in times of need, for all sorts of issues.  They provide ongoing research, education and communication to help us all stay current on our amazing and ever-changing industry.  Annual membership does not come cheap, but to me, it’s valuable and important, so I incorporate it into my annual budget.  My business is important to me and I value my clients and my relationship with them.  I want to be able to continually grow, both personally and professionally, so I can be the best photographer and business-owner that I can be.  PPA helps me do that.   My membership with PPA is also acknowledged by my clients and for these reasons, I feel that it sets me apart from my competition.

Second:  Are they licensed and insured?  Often, people forget to inquire about this aspect.  There are a lot of people out there who are running photography businesses from home.  There is nothing wrong with that!  It saves on overhead costs by eliminating costs for rent/mortgage.  However, if your business is legitimate, and you are servicing customers, I feel that you should be licensed and insured.  Example: I book a senior portrait client and we shoot in-studio and then on location at the Henry Ford Village, for example, and that shoot results in a final proofing gallery of over 100 AMAZING images. I then experience a data loss of some sort (knock on wood!) and I have no protection of any kind against that type of loss. My customer is then, well,  you know….(SOL).  Insuring my business not only protects me, but also protects my clients.  In my opinion, it is irresponsible to run any business without proper insurance.

Third: What is the experience like?  You may think that all  you want are “pretty pictures”, but if I had a dollar for every person I have talked with who said how frustrated they were with another photographer due to poor service, lack of attention or lack of follow up, well, I’d be rich!  Customer service is everything. Period.  I spent 25 years working in retail as a manager/HR Director.  I want you to sit back, relax and allow me to manage the experience for you.  That’s what the consultation questions are for. Let’s ensure that we get it right up front so everything can go smoothly when your photo shoot day arrives.  In life, it’s the little things…and we work hard to manage all of those little things so you don’t have to!  What do you get to do?  Relax…Have fun!  You only get one chance to have your “senior portrait experience”!   Don’t you want it to be something that you’ll remember fondly?

Fourth:  What type of products do they offer and what is the quality like?  Most studios offering quality portrait art products will have packages ranging anywhere from $600-$3,000.  So, it’s in your best interest to know what you want and then plan to spend a little time searching for the right photographer that ticks all your boxes.  A good photographer will make themselves available for an in-person consultation, to give you a tour of their studio, show you samples of their work and answer all of your questions prior to making a commitment and booking a session.  They should never require you to make a deposit in order to complete a consultation.  Also ask about minimum order requirements; some have them, and some don’t.

Lastly:  What is their personality like?  Connectivity is important.  Do you seem to have a connection?  Does the photographer seem fun and outgoing?  Do you enjoy talking with them?  Are they open and engaging?  Are they asking good questions and are they listening to your responses?  Do they seem genuinely interested in learning about you and meeting your needs?  You need someone that you feel comfortable with, who will be easy to talk with and make you feel comfortable, so everyone involved will be relaxed enough to just be themselves. If you feel a good “vibe” with the photographer, that connection will go a long way throughout the experience.

The bottom line is that when faced with the task of finding a photographer, you should treat it just like any other major decision (like finding a new dentist or a new bank)…Do your research, collect all the data and find the one that’s right for you.  Basing this decision based soley on price will not result in the best decision.  Have an idea of what things are most important to you before you start looking (ie:  service, quality products, communication, creativity, price, product guarantee, payment plans, turnaround time, etc..)  In the senior portrait market, your total investment can be large.  But this is also a very important, monumental time in your life that deserves to be documented by a professional, so you owe it to yourself to choose wisely.  Hopefully this information has helped you a bit.

Not sure exactly what to look for or what to ask?  I’ve got you covered!  HERE’s a great “Top 10” list from some of PPA’s professionals, to help get you started.

Lastly, in keeping with the theme of this post, you can learn more about me HERE.

In the market for a senior picture session any time soon?  Feel free to give me a call for a consultation.   There’s only one way to find out if my studio is right for you…I’m always open for a consultation/studio tour. Plus, I love to chat and my fridge is always stocked!  734.391.8662.


Timeless Images by Susan is a contemporary portrait studio, specializing in branding, senior portraiture and beauty/glamour photography, located in Belleville, Michigan.  We serve the cities of Belleville, Canton, Plymouth, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Northville and Novi. Contact me at 734.391.8662 to schedule your photo shoot or simply for a free consultation!!  Now scheduling 2015 seniors for summer and early Fall!
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