As a Studio Ambassador you will be responsible for promoting Timeless Images by Susan and referring new clients our way.  In return, you will receive BOTH a Glamour Headshot session and a FREE “Lifestyle Senior portrait session” for ONLY $50.00 In addition, you will have the opportunity to earn valuable print credits (money towards product) as well as other products and prizes!  Please review this contract in full prior to signing it.

  1. Client obligations:  Client is not responsible for or obligated to make any additional purchases from Timeless Images by Susan, outside of the initial deposit.  Client’s initial $50.00 deposit covers the cost of post-processing for the glamour photo shoot (Session #1) and creating the “Senior rep cards” required for promotional distribution.  Client is required to promote Timeless Images by Susan in a positive and professional manner, while attempting to generate a minimum of three (3) referrals, who book their senior portraits with the studio.  In return for their promotional services and referral generation, the Client will receive a studio-compensated “Lifestyle Senior session” (Session #2-Value of $199.00), to be shot during the months of March and June of the students junior year, once the student reaches their required (3) referrals.Failure to meet obligation: If the Client should fail to achieve their minimum requirement of three (3) referrals by June 30, 2013, the client will then be charged the remaining balance due of the “usual & customary charges” for the original glamour session fee, or $79.00, in order to compensate for the photographer’s time and talent during shooting.  (Headshot session valued at $129)
  1. Cancellation policy:  Client is responsible for booking their senior session between the months of March and June.  Should they fail to book that appointment or cancel their booked appointment and fail to reschedule prior to June 1st, this contract becomes null and the offer for a FREE senior session is then revoked.  If the client wishes to withdraw as a Senior Ambassador, after accepting the position (and prior to completing their glamour headshot session), they must submit their request for withdrawal, in writing/email, no later than February 1st.
  2. Redeeming of print credits and prizes:  Assuming that you have met your minimum referral goal, you will be eligible to begin redeeming your print credits and prizes at the close of the referral period, which will be July first.  At that time, all referrals will be tallied and totaled and you will be informed of your total print credits and other prizes, which you can then utilize towards an order from your session!
  3. Digital negatives and copyright:  All clients will be required to sign a model release prior to commencing their photo shoot, per standard procedures.  Once your FREE lifestyle senior session has been completed and the post processing has been finalized, your digital negatives will be placed on file and stored until the end of the referral period (July 1, 2013).  All materials including, but not limited to digital negatives, proofs, previews and web postings shall be the exclusive property of the Photographer.    A special slide show will also be created for you, in the event that you decide to move forward with a purchase.  In that case, we will arrange for an in-studio presentation of your slide show, along with a product overview and package review, so that we can show you our products and help you apply your print credits and prizes, helping you to make the best selections from our product menu.
  4. Facebook postings:  Upon completion of your glamour modeling session and your FREE senior session, your photographer will post “sneak peeks” and other miscellaneous images as part of the brand marketing and promotional activity designed to promote our Senior business.  You are free to “tag” those images and use them on your own social media sites.  However, please do not manipulate any image and remember that our logo MUST not be removed!  Removal of the studio watermark/logo from any image shall be considered copyright infringement or “stealing” and will result in legal action on the part of our company.
  5. Permission grant:  Client grants permission for their child/minor to enter into this agreement and understands the responsibilities required of him/her.  Client acknowledges understanding that their child’s images will be utilized by the studio in our marketing campaign and is issuing permission for their child to be a part of this program.
  6. Amendments:  This contract has been freely negotiated and shall be recognized as the entirety of the agreement.  Only those changes or modifications specifically placed in writing, attached, dated and signed by Timeless Images by Susan and THE CLIENT at the time of acceptance of this contract shall be recognized as amendments to this contract.

Please know that we are committed to delivering quality products and services!  In addition, we strive to observe the utmost respect towards you, your children and family.  We consider our Ambassador program a great way to be involved with and recognize our young adults.  We are so very proud to be able to work with these amazing individuals, capture their images and share them with them with the community!


I have read, reviewed and understand the details of the terms set forth in this contract.  I hereby agree to these terms.




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Copy:  Client and Timeless Images by Susan


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