Branding and Promotional Portraits – Dramatic Musilogues

It’s not often that you come across such a multi-talented individual as Sandra.  But when you do, consider yourself lucky to know her!  Commissioned a second time to photograph some promotional shots for her upcoming one-woman show, “Fine and Dandy” the story of George Gershwin, I was thrilled about the opportunity to shoot her in the famous “green dress”!  This is one of those dresses that many women dream about wearing but few can actually pull off.  Combine this stunning dress, a stage, a baby grand piano and some dramatic lighting and you have the perfect setting for our photo shoot.  Sandra is a natural born performer.  She is an actress, a pianist, a singer, an author and an all-around entertainer.  It is a privilege to listen to her play the piano.  You can see and feel the immense amount of joy that rings through her as she plays.  She is lively, energetic, enthusiastic and fun.  If you ever get the chance to see her show, do yourself a favor and go!  To learn more, visit her HERE.

*Special thank you to Evola Music in Canton for the generous use of their studio!

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Holiday portrait special!

It’s hard to believe but summer has passed, the fall colors are barely hanging on and before you know it, the holidays will be here!  Once again we have set aside a day this November to provide you with family photos for your holiday cards.   We know how busy you are and how life just gets off track! We’ll have you in and out within 30 minutes!

Come to our studio on Saturday, November 12th to create some beautiful family memories and contribute to a wonderful charity at the same time! Help us support the American Cancer Society while having your holiday family portraits taken on Saturday, November 12th! You’ll receive a fabulous print package including a gorgeous 16×20 fine art, mounted print!  Your portrait art is guaranteed to arrive within 2 weeks of your order date and 10% of all proceeds will be donated to ACS. Space is limited, so call now to reserve your spot! 734-391-8662.  We would love to see you!

*Sessions are 30 minutes and provide one background option.  Online proofing gallery will be available within 3-5 days from session date. Package may not be altered.  Package fee due up front to secure appointment.  Michigan sales tax not included in promotional price.


Professional Headshots | Metro Detroit Headshot Photographer

I love having the opportunity to shoot headshots.  It affords me the chance to meet so many wonderful people and develop great relationships with them.  In addition, during their photo shoot, I frequently learn so much about new businesses and different types of industries that I may not be familiar with.    No matter where they’re from it’s always a fun an interesting experience for both of us.  Recently, I had the privilege of working with two beautiful ladies, Denise and Karen.

Denise is an educator for Washtenaw Community College.  Previously, she also taught at the elementary school level.  Denise found me through Thumbtack and we hit it off right away!  She is just a joy to work with, very engaging and has an incredible smile.  She really enjoyed her makeover from Danell and felt that the whole experience was wonderful.  We spent almost 45 minutes just talking after her shoot was done!


Karen is a Real Estate Agent, working for Moving the Mitten in downtown Belleville.  She had taken a break from the industry and is returning part time.  Karen also has an amazing personality and I found her to be quite approachable, very outgoing and super fun to work with!  And that beautiful red hair…to die for!


Big thanks to my makeup artist, Danell Ledin, for making sure that my clients looked perfect for their headshot photography sessions!



Headshots | Belleville, MI

Having my own small business is a wonderful venture.  I enjoy getting out, meeting new people; networking, etc. and also helping incredible people to jump-start their own new businesses!  Recently, I was commissioned by Velon to shoot some headshots for her team, in preparation for the grand opening of her new AAA insurance office in Belleville.  Upon meeting her, along with her mother and son, I was immediately impressed with their warm, friendly personalities.  After further discussion, it became apparent that we believe very much in similar service philisophies; take care of your clients, go the extra mile, provide the best in product and service and always be there to answer questions and follow-up.  I am so excited for this wonderful group of people to begin the next chapter in their lives and, I couldn’t be happier that they will be located in my own community!  Congratulations to the Willis Agency!

For more information on the Willis Agency, you can reach their new office at: 734-697-0170.


Beauty and Branding Session, 101

Recently, I was commissioned by a long-time friend to shoot some marketing images for her.  She’s working on starting her own business as a makeup artist and not only is she incredibly talented, she is one of my favorite people because she has this sweet, fun, approachable personality that is meant for the service industry!  Katie is loved by so many people because she lives and breathes makeup.  I think it’s in her DNA!  When I first met her I knew that she was special.  So special, that I hired her immediately for a counter at the department store I worked in as the HR Manager.  She was quickly  promoted, several times I might add, within the first 3 years she was there, due to her incredible sales results and phenomenal ability to develop a client base.  To this day, she still draws a stellar clientele and her skills and abilities are top notch.  Our goal with this photo shoot was to give her some starting images for her website, to show her work and also create some branding images that market her as an artist; showing her personality.  We shot some beautiful images and had a great time doing it.  We’ll be together again soon, to do it again…can’t wait!

If you are interested in booking Katie for your special occasion,  you can contact her here:

This could be you!  Timeless Images by Susan is a contemporary portrait studio, specializing in beauty/glamour photography.  We are located in Belleville, Michigan and serve the cities of Belleville, Canton, Plymouth, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Northville and Novi. Contact Susan at 734.391.8662 for a free consultation today.

Don’t wait…do it for yourself, for your partner, for your kidsExist in photos so they will have beautiful images to cherish and remember you by!

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Scott | Livonia Stevenson, Class of 2017

When I met Scott he was shy, but as we got to working together I realized he was a really great kid with a great personality.   He’s adapted the eclectic musical taste of his mom and has lots of interests, including running track and spending many years perfecting his karate, earning a level 2 blackbelt.  Unfortunately mother nature spoiled day 1 (hint), causing us to have to add on a second day of shooting to complete his senior pictures.  But, Scott took it all in stride and brought his “A” game for day two!  Congratulations on making it all the way to your senior year, Scott.  I’m confident you have a bright future ahead of you after graduation!

Timeless Images by Susan is a contemporary portrait studio, specializing in senior portraiture, located in Belleville, Michigan.  We serve the cities of Belleville, Canton, Plymouth, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Northville and Novi. Contact Susan at 734.391.8662 to schedule your photo shoot or simply for a free consultation!!  Last call: Class of 2017- Fall dates still available!

Lauren, Beauty Portraits

Do you ever get so excited about something, as an adult, that you get that same feeling you did when you were a kid?  Like when your mom told you she had a surprise for you?  Or when your parents told you they were taking you to Disneyland?  Well, that’s how excited I got when I found out I was going to have Lauren back in my studio to shoot some beauty portraits!  It may sound crazy, but this beautiful girl has some of the most striking features of anyone I have photographed yet.  In fact, the first time I photographed Lauren was in my kitchen, while my studio was being built four years ago!  Yes, that is correct; in my kitchen! Since then, my business has grown exponentially and, in the past year in particular, I have been honing in on my beauty portraiture and hoping for the opportunity to shoot her again.  Well, I got that opportunity and although I’m not completely done with the post processing on this session, I just couldn’t wait to share some of the first few stunners!

*Makeup by:  Katie Marie Mallie




Strawberry Queen Pageant, Belleville, MI-2016

What a pleasure it was to photograph this year’s Strawberry Queen Pageant, held at Belleville High School on Friday night!  This year’s Strawberry girls included six beautiful ladies from the surrounding tri-city areas.  They were each fun, outgoing and eager to show the judges why they should be this year’s pick for Strawberry Queen!  The pageant is part of a 3 day festival, held every year during Father’s day weekend, and is a family-oriented tradition in Belleville.

The event kicked off with a choreographed, group dance that the girls had rehearsed for several weeks. Then, each girl introduced themselves, stating their name, age, city and school they were from.  The program continued with a talent segment, evening gown segment and finally, a question and answer portion.  The girls were judged on all segments combined and finally, a winner was chosen, just after last year’s queen took her final walk…And this year’s Strawberry Queen is:  Isabel Stimack!   Evelyn Gibson was the 2nd runner up and Alexis Hatchard was the 1st runner up.  Congratulations to all of these beautiful ladies and to everyone who assisted in putting on this fabulous event!   A big thank you to Belleville High School for hosting and to Joyce Rochowiak, Nancy Shephard (chairs) and Shannon Tarris-Wells (Mistress of Ceremonies) for coordinating and putting on the event!

To see the full, final gallery of photos from this event, please click HERE.


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