A Day in the “D” | Exploring Detroit’s abandoned buildings

OK, I admit it-I’m a graffiti junkie!  I have always loved looking at images of graffiti and old, run down buildings; it’s sad, but artistically interesting.  Put them together and you have amazing art!  I have friends on Flickr who post incredible photographs of abandoned buildings in other regions of the country and I am just drawn to them from an artistic standpoint.   There is something so intriguing about them….you instantly wonder about the history and story behind each one.   The day that I saw this bus tour posted on my photography Meetup group, I knew I just had to go!  Our tour was amazing and included stops at the Lee Plaza Hotel on West Grand Blvd., the old Michigan train station, the Fisher body plant and the 3.5 million square foot Packard plant.  To say I enjoyed myself would be a severe understatement!  It was the highlight of my first quarter and I can’t wait to attend another…

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in  Detroit
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