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When Shanna entered the studio I knew we had a special woman on our hands!  She is full of energy, excitement and fun!  As a full time 6th grade teacher and mother to three boys, Shanna has her hands full, so I would imagine that she would need some stored energy to get her through a typical day.  In addition to those wonderful traits, she is also sweet, smart, beautiful and as most of us are, lacking confidence in herself.  Hopefully, she will now see what I saw-a beautiful woman who should be so proud of her heritage and her amazing features!  Shanna jokingly told me prior to her photo shoot that I could “feel free to photoshop as necessary”.   I did tell her that I do very little high-end retouching/manipulating in my work, as my goal is to show women their natural beauty and not to “overwork” them and make them look unnatural.  I do, on occasion, have some women ask me to make adjustments on certain things and I will accommodate their requests.  However, Shanna will be very happy to know that in her case I did VERY little post-processing work!  This is YOU Shanna!  Revel in your gorgeous self!

Makeup and styling by Melissa Rollins.


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