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Looking back…I love shooting senior portraits!  It’s the heart of my business and I truly enjoy meeting and getting to know my seniors and their families.  One of my favorite senior sessions from last year was with Jade. Not only is she a beautiful, fun, outgoing and delightful young woman, but she is a talented dancer.  During our pre-consultation, Jade, her mother and I discussed some creative ideas for shooting Jade in her toe shoes at the railroad tracks.  I really wanted to get a shot of Jade on point, up on the track itself.  This would prove challenging, since the track is not flat, but curved-and a bit slippery!  However, Jade was up for the challenge.

So, with the help of her sister standing just off camera, we got started.  The big challenge was going to be whether or not we could get all the pieces to align; having Jade vertical on the track with her arms in perfect alignment, fingers “just-so”, with a smile on her face-all in just a split-second to be recorded on camera!  Amazingly, she actually pulled it off on the 4th try.  However, I didn’t tell her.  We shot about 10 takes, just to make sure.  I know, I’m evil!  As you can see the resulting image is amazing and one that she, and her family, will treasure forever.  It’s a beautiful moment in time, that she knows she really “worked for”!  And it was worth it. You can see more images from her final session here.


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