Location, location, location!

I am asked about this image all the time!  It seems to be a fan favorite 🙂  When Livie originally presented this idea, I knew we would need some tall grass on one side and cut, flat grass on the other.  The problem was, we were going to be shooting in mid-late September and much of the grass was already turning from green to brown.  Luckily, we were out in farm country, but we still had to do some searching in order to find a good area where we could have her lie down in front of tall grasses and I would have the right amount of space to back up far enough and lie down to get the shot.  After scouting around for about 10-15 minutes we finally found an area that would work.  We had a great time that day and I really enjoyed that senior session!  With a little help from photoshop (brown grass became green-it’s magic!) I was able to bring the image to life in the manner that she wanted.    Originally she requested that the words spell “love”, to which I complied.   Then, at her reveal, I surprised her with a second image, which spelled out her name.  Guess which one they ordered?!


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