Attitude is Everything!

I first met Brittney at my favorite White House Black Market. I was once again cashing in on a 25% off coupon special (and spending way too much!) and she was assisting me.  I found her to be delightful and we began chatting.  I came to find out that she was one of the Managers in the store and when I complimented her on her makeup, I found out that she also worked as a Makeup Artist for MAC.  When she rung me up I gave her my card and told her that she should come to Timeless Images for a beauty portrait photo shoot because it would be a lot of fun!  So, here we are!

Brittney is a young, vibrant, outgoing, talented and spirited woman with a LOT of confidence!  I love that about her.  I am all about trying to bring out the confidence and awareness of young women so they can realize their potential and see their true beauty, through the flaws that they are SO quick to point out.  What I loved about Brittney was that she was so happy and full of joy.  She possesses a “spark”, if you will.  She has a joyous attitude about life.  Even though she has braces and, at first, tried to smile with her lips closed, once we talked about how excited she was to get her teeth straightened and how proud she was of herself for taking the steps now, to get them fixed, her face immediately lit up!  The same thing happened when she talked about the intense process she went through with MAC to interview, be selected and then train for her certification.  We have all had times in our lives where we worked hard to accomplish something and then realized the sense of pride when we achieved it.  Brittney has dreams, goals and aspirations and I have no doubt that she will achieve whatever she sets her mind to, because her attitude is in the right frame!

*Makeup and styling by:  Melissa Rollins

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