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Do you ever get so excited about something, as an adult, that you get that same feeling you did when you were a kid?  Like when your mom told you she had a surprise for you?  Or when your parents told you they were taking you to Disneyland?  Well, that’s how excited I got when I found out I was going to have Lauren back in my studio to shoot some beauty portraits!  It may sound crazy, but this beautiful girl has some of the most striking features of anyone I have photographed yet.  In fact, the first time I photographed Lauren was in my kitchen, while my studio was being built four years ago!  Yes, that is correct; in my kitchen! Since then, my business has grown exponentially and, in the past year in particular, I have been honing in on my beauty portraiture and hoping for the opportunity to shoot her again.  Well, I got that opportunity and although I’m not completely done with the post processing on this session, I just couldn’t wait to share some of the first few stunners!

*Makeup by:  Katie Marie Mallie


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Best Portrait
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