It takes a Village Gala 2017

This past Saturday almost 300 people came together to celebrate a very interesting project.  The event, “It Takes a Village Gala” was presented by the Partnership for Arts and Humanities, in Canton and was held at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn.

The event was centered around a 4-year long project aimed at refurbishing the 1944 dormitory and factory that Henry Ford built at Cherry Hill and Ridge Road. Once used to provide training and rehabilitation for returning disabled veterans, the dormitory has almost nearly completed its rehab, thanks to so many gracious volunteers and supporters.  This facility will soon be reborn as a thriving artists gallery space, workshop and retail outlet space.  It will include food and beverage offerings as well as beautifully landscaped outdoor gardens, biking paths and walking trails.

The evening’s festivities included professional photos of the guests, a fabulous formal dinner, a presentation from the Director of the Partnership for the Arts and Humanities, Jill Engel and then a fun evening of delectable desserts, live music and dancing.  In addition, Gala guests were able to meander through the Henry Ford Museum throughout the night, exploring the amazing exhibits and history that it has to offer.

The Village Arts Factory of Cherry Hill Village will be an inspirational destination for our community and for our veterans. It will be a gathering place.  A healing place.  A place of creativity and relaxation.  If you would like to learn more about the Village Arts Factory, please visit the Partnership HERE.

If you attended the GALA and would like to view the image gallery from the event, please visit HERE.

Thank you to EVERYONE who attended, supported and helped to make the evening magical!


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