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I am so excited to introduce you to Madison! I have had the pleasure of knowing Madison’s mom for many years.  In fact, I knew her mom before Madison was born!  We have watched each-others’ children grown from cute little babies to young adults.  If you’re a mom then you know…that sad moment when you realize that the “chipmunk” cheeks are gone or your son’s voice is now deeper or your little girl now wants to start wearing  makeup.  There are so many life-changing mile-markers for our kids but I think some of the toughest for moms can be when their daughter starts to become a young woman and you realize that your “baby” is no longer a baby.

This time frame, from about 8 until 12  years old, is so exciting!  So much is happening and lots of things are changing for your kids during this time.  They start to come out of their shell, engage in more adult conversation, form opinions about things, whether good or bad, and exercise their own independence.  They learn who they can trust and who they can’t by making the same mistakes we did.  They also start to develop ideas about who they are, what they love to do and what they may want to become when they’re officially grown up.

Madison was a spunky, fun kid with a lively personality.  The last time I saw her prior to this shoot was several years ago; 2012 to be exact, when I first photographed her with her mom.  My studio was in the middle of construction at the time, so I moved my kitchen table into the living room and set my lights and backdrop up right in the middle of kitchen!  Madison was so adorable and loved the camera.  She worked hard. So hard that she passed out within minutes of leaving my home!  Be sure to check out the throwback images at the bottom of this post, to see a few of our shots from that day way back when!

I was really taken aback when Madison arrived at the studio.  I now had this beautiful, sweet, confident young girl in front of me!   Madison was really excited about her photo shoot and did a great job picking out her outfits (with a little help from mom).  Once we made our decision on the clothing changes, it was time for her to enjoy a makeover from Katie!

With her natural beauty look completed, we were ready to go!  I told  her to just relax, have fun and be herself.  It’s not every day that us girls get to enjoy an afternoon of pampering and being treated like a professional model! By the time we started shooting, Madison was very comfortable and got into the session really quickly. We had such a great time together and I enjoyed hearing talk about soccer, school and her friends.  Madison was so natural in front of the camera and I could have photographed  her all day but eventually, it was quitting time, so we wrapped it up.

Thank you Madison, for being such a ray of sunshine and making my afternoon so much fun!  I just love your final image gallery and I hope you do too!

**Makeup and hair by Katie Marie.

Interested in offering your tween an experience like Madison’s?  Drop me a line here or call today and let’s talk about your amazing daughter!  These years are fleeting and will fly by you before you know it.  Let’s capture the best of your baby girl and give you beautiful portraits that you will treasure forever!   Timeless Images by Susan specializes in HS seniors, tweens, branding and headshots and beauty portraits.  Serving Metro Detroit.  Studio: 734.391.8662.


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