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I have to start by saying how much I enjoyed working with this lovely girl!  Having just turned 13 years old the week we shot this session, Miss M shared her desire to break into modeling.  She’s a definite contender with that incredible hair, beautiful smile and mesmerizing eyes.  Miss M has been involved in cheerleading and volleyball since she was little and loves the team aspect of both sports.  I was surprised to hear that her favorite food was steak!  Most kids at this age have not yet developed a taste for more sophisticated foods. As we got started shooting, I was really taken away by her natural beauty and sweet personality.  Despite her initial shyness, Miss M soon came out of her shell and we ended up having a wonderful time together. 

I am amazed every time I photograph a tween.  As a “pre-teenager” they are just beginning to learn and discover so much about themselves and who they want to be.  Miss M was no exception.  Check out her best shots below!

If you’re between the ages of 10 and 13 and would love to have your very own photoshoot like this, call us today!  These years pass quickly and soon, you will be a teenager in high school.  Your pre-teen years only happen once. Let’s create some fun and beautiful images that truly capture the incredible young woman you are becoming!  You can even bring your best friend or sister for twice the fun! Timeless Images serves the cities of Belleville, Canton, Plymouth, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Northville and Novi. Contact Susan at 734.391.8662 to schedule your free in-studio consultation or click HERE to learn more about tween sessions.

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