Hunter-Class of 2020 Senior Pictures

The class of 2020 sure has experienced a very non-traditional graduation!  Who ever would have imagined that this years graduates would go through a pandemic that inevitably redefined their graduation, robbing them of some of the most traditional and fun aspects of their senior year! That’s one of the reasons that it’s more important than ever to have your senior pictures taken!  Everyone who graduated with the Class of 2020 is part of  a historic event and it will surely be something amazing that they will be able to share with their kids.

Despite all the isolation and distancing, we have seen these kids take the situation in stride and choose to be positive, rolling with the punches and trying to make it special, in its own way.

Hunter is an all-star athlete and hard working student with exceptional grades and an all-around great person!  He’s pretty much a gentle giant.  Hunter has enjoyed his high school years. He’s played football most of his life, has a great group of friends and has big dreams and aspirations.  He can look fierce and he can look sweet.  He’s motivated, driven and positive; a great role model for his underclassmen.

Wishing you the best in your future, Hunter!  Go get ’em!


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